Information on the project
O projekcie

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to analyse, evaluate, and monitor the influence of the group business meeting industry on Krakow’s economy. In doing so, the project will draw on good practice fostered in Switzerland.

The project seeks to meet the objectives of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme Block Grant’s Partnership Fund through a mutual exchange of good practice and know-how, which in turn serves to promote, create, and enhance the partnership between the units of the Polish local government (Krakow’s City Council), Polish institutions (the Foundation of the University of Economics in Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office), and Swiss entities (the Institute of Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences).

The objectives of the project

  • The review of the quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques used in Switzerland and elsewhere to research the economic influence of the group business meeting industry on the economy of a given country, region, or city (second quarter of 2012).
  • The evaluation of the applicability of the above mentioned tools at the city level in Poland, including the analysis of the relevance of secondary data and the possibility to obtain them (third quarter of 2012).
  • The preparation of proposals on the methodology concerning the research on direct, indirect and induced impact of the group meeting industry on Krakow’s economy (fourth quarter of 2012).
  • The conduct of a pilot study, the analysis of its results, and conclusions (first and second quarter of 2013).
  • The conduct of relevant research and the analysis of its results (from third quarter of 2013 to second quarter of 2014).
  • Recommendations concerning further action (third quarter of 2014).

Target group

The project’s target group is the MICE sector, i.e. the organisers of conferences, congresses, conventions, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, motivational outings and the disposers of conference facilities in Krakow.

The project’s desired effect

The project’s desired effect is that it will help to estimate the size of the business meeting sector in Krakow and its value to the city’s economy. The project will benefit the members of the target group in that it will primarily examine the trends in the booking and choice of the group business meeting facilities and conference facilities by the meeting organizers and participants, which in turn will allow for more resourceful and successful business operations. Yet another positive result of the project is that it will create favourable conditions to attract and support more domestic and international business events, especially those that produce good economic results. The knowledge and experience gained in the process will allow the city council’s policy makers to take informed and effective decisions to control the development of the business meeting industry in Krakow, and will help to identify and forecast potential changes in the market of business tourism.

Written by Agata Niemczyk, PhD